Girls Cross Country Summer Schedule

Check out our Girls Cross Country Summer Schedule- CLICK HERE!

The key to team success in Cross Country is summer running. The main goal in the summer is to safely accumulate as
much mileage as possible in order to increase our aerobic fitness. This will have us ready for the fall season. Summer is
by far the easiest and best time to transition into Cross Country. We must be dedicated in the summer to give ourselves
an opportunity to be successful during the season. Cross Country success is built by dedicated summer running!
Summer Team conditioning will start June 8th and we will meet at the Elmwood Park Pavilion at 7:15 on Tuesdays and
Thursdays (across the street from the swimming pool). Wednesdays we will meet at the Central High School Track. We
are typically finished between 8:15 – 8:30 AM. A coach will attend on these days. They are not mandatory by rule, but
are highly recommended. If we have rain or severe weather in the area on a scheduled day – we will cancel morning
Contact any of the following coaches for questions: Follow us on Twitter @OPSCHSGXCTR
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